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5 Successful Stars Who Were Raised By LGBTQ Parents

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Here is a list of 5 well-established celebrities whose parents are part of the LGBTQ+ community. 1, Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, came out in 2017. The star expressed great happiness at the news and even confessed to shedding tears. 2, Robert De Niro. In 1944 De Niro’s father, a renowned painter, publicly came out as gay and entered into a relationship with poet Robert Duncan. 3, 50 Cent. Raised by his mother, 50 Cent revealed that she identified as a lesbian. Unfortunately, she passed away when he was young. 4, Mandy Moore. After Moore’s parents divorced, her mother, Stacy Moore-Friedman, embarked on a new life with her partner Claudette Laliberte. 5, Amy Adams. The actress’ parents divorced in her early childhood. Soon after, her mother, Kathryn, began a relationship with a woman.



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