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7 more election victories for LGBTI candidates and beyond

Written by gaytourism


Lisa Middleton, a trans candidate, won her election in Palm Springs

Last night saw numerous historic election victories for Democrats and progress across the United States.

A year after Donald Trump’s election, election day 2017 brought out droves of liberals. Democrats flipped multiple Republican seats, some in major stronghold areas.

Danica Roem became the first transgender person elected to state office. She won the District 13 seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Even more, she beat Bob Marshall, a Republican behind a transphobic bathroom bill in the state.

In Minnesota, Andrea Jenkins won her seat in the Eighth Ward of the Minneapolis City Council. She became the first trans woman of color to be elected to public office.

On the west coast, Jenny Durkan became Seattle’s first female mayor since the 1920s and first out lesbian mayor ever.

Across the country, there were even more monumental wins for LGBTI candidates, women, and people of color. Here are a few more.

1. Tyler Titus

Erie, Pennsylvania elected Titus to the school board last night. With his win, Titus became the first ever transgender person elected in the state.

2. Virginia House of Delegates

Virginia especially saw major victories yesterday.

Beyond Roem, Democratic candidate Ralph Northam became governor. Furthermore, joining Roem in the House of Delegates are Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala. They became the first Latinas elected to this body.

However, they aren’t all the House of Delegates won. Kathy Tran became the first Asian-American woman elected to the body as well.

3. Lisa Middleton

One of the races we were watching was the Palm Springs City Council election in California.

Last night, Lisa Middleton won the seat, becoming the first transgender person elected to a non-judicial office in the state.

4. Gerri Cannon

Joining the likes of Middleton and Titus, Gerri Cannon was elected to the school board of Somersworth, New Hampshire. She became the first transgender person elected to public office in the state.

5. Dawn Adams

The victories didn’t stop for Virginia.

Dawn Adams defeated incumbent Manoli Loupassi in the state’s 68th District. With that win, she became the first out lesbian elected to Virginia’s legislature.

6. Flipped Houses and Senates

Continuing the Virginia trend, Democrats are poised to take the House from Republicans. They won at least 15 seats, giving them a two-seat lead in the chamber. However, four races are receiving recounts and those will determine which party takes control. Either way, Virginia saw major gains for Democrats across the board.

In Washington, Democrats also took control of the State Senate, giving them full control of the state government.

These are critical wins for the party overall because it shows momentum and energy for next year’s midterm elections. Democrats notoriously receive low voting numbers for the midterms. However, with yesterday’s many wins, 2018 could look very different. Republicans currently control both the US Senate and House of Representatives but that may change next year.

7. Youth and WOC Votes

Many people took note of the voting statistics in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Notably, how young people and women of color helped lead Northam to victory — and will consequently be crucial voices going forward for progress.

These are only some of yesterday’s victories.

Hoboken, New Jersey elected its first Sikh mayor. Southern states like South Carolina and three cities in Georgia elected their first ever African-American mayors. Maine also voted to expand Medicaid coverage.

More results can be seen at Ballotpedia.

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