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9 in 10 LGBT voters prefer David Cameron to Theresa May, PinkNews poll finds

PinkNews Exclusive
A poll of LGBT voters has shown a damning lack of support for Theresa May.

The PinkNews poll of more than 1000 readers found that the current Prime Minister is significantly less popular than her predecessor, David Cameron.

A huge 87% of LGBT people polled say they trust David Cameron more than they trust Theresa May when it comes to protecting LGBT rights.

Cameron resigned in the hours following the EU referendum result, in which the UK voted to leave, while he had voted to remain.

The results will come as a blow to the current PM, who has based the general election campaign around her leadership.

In another blow, she was also ranked as the second least trusted leader overall.

Only UKIP leader Paul Nutall, whose party has typically opposed same-sex marriage, was ranked as more unpopular.

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Green co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley were ranked as the most friendly to LGBT voters, closely followed by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in second place.

The poll also found Labour with an almost 14% increase in its vote share from 2015.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to poll almost 44% of LGBT people’s votes in the June 8 election, according to the poll, 12 points ahead of the Conservatives.

Theresa May’s Conservatives polled 32%, an increase of five points since the last general election.



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The poll also found that almost one-third of LGBT people say they fear the UK will get less safe during the next parliament.

31% said they fear things will get worse, while 25% believed the UK will get more safe in the next five years.

37% said they expect no change for LGBT people.

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