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A better way to measure Coronavirus in your country: Per country details

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Coronavirus is everywhere in the world. Currently, the epicenter is located in Europe, even though it all started in China, which is now considered a medium-high region for the virus. The United States is in the medium range, while Italy is in the extremely high range. Three countries are in the highest category.

The world is united. This question and worry are in everyone’s mind and COVID-19 has crippled the globe. The virus destroyed the global travel and tourism industry threatening hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of job worldwide.  Even the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) wants people to stay home and enjoy travel later.

Most prominent reports that count the number of sick per country may not be the best way to measure the impact per country. How bad the virus is currently in your country?

The number of cases per 1 million population is a better way to measure. According to this formula, the United States is in the medium category, Italy in the extremely high category,  Spain, France, and Germany are considered high, but the highest remains San Marino. Three countries account for more than 1000 cases per million.

Check out where your country is?

Highest: More than 1000 cases per million: These countries are San Marino, Vatican and Faeroe Islands. These are without question the 3 worst countries considered extremely high

Extremely High: 4 countries can be considered very high with more than 500 cases per million. These 4 countries are Liechtenstein, Iceland, Andorra, Italy

High is considered between 100-499, and there are 20 countries in this category. They are Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, St.Barth, Norway, Gibraltar, Monaco, Iran, Montserrat, Estonia, Austria, Denmark. South Korea, Qatar, Brunei, Bahrain, Germany, France, Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, and Malta

Medium-high can be considered between 50-99 per million.  11 countries fall under this country:  These countries or territories Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Martinique, Seychelles, China, Singapore, Israel, French Guiana

Medium: Between 25-49 per million:  Such countries include Czech Republic, Cyprus, Guam, Greece, Channel Islands, UK, Latvia, Armenia, Aruba, Greenland, Kuwait, Bermuda, USA, Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Panama

Medium-low:  between 10-24: Malaysia, Maldives, Uruguay, Sint Maarten, Croatia, Albania, North Macedonia, French Polynesia, Canada, Lebanon, Slovakia, US Virgin Islands, Curacao, Reunion, Cayman Islands, Romania, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Chile, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, UAE, Mayotte, Saint Lucia, Ecuador, Serbia, Georgia, Antigua and Barbuda

Moderate Low: 1-10 cases per million: Palestine, Moldova, St. Vincent Grenadines, Poland, Oman, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Barbados, New Caledonia, Hungary, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan, Belarus, Jamaica, Guyana, Iraq, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Equatorial Guinea, Bahamas, Brazil, Egypt, Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Tunisia, Paraguay, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, Mauritius Surinam , Pakistan, Russia, Morocco, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Gabon, Bhutan, Djibouti, Fiji.

Low:  0.1 -1 case per million: Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Eswatini, Indonesia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Namibia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Guatemala, Liberia, Mauritania, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Congo, El Salvador, Nicaragua, India, Kenya, Zambia, Togo

Very low: 0.01-0.09 cases per million: Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Nepal

More details according to Worldometers as of March 18, 2020

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