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A young Star Wars fan got Oscar Isaac to ‘fully endorse’ Finn/Poe romance

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You’ll probably never get closer to Poe Dameron.

A bisexual Star Wars fan got actor Oscar Isaac to ‘full endorse’ the theory that Poe Dameron hooks up with ex-Stormtrooper Finn.

The rumor of a romance between Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Isaac) was ignited in The Force Awakens, after they were seen gazing at one another.

Disappointingly, their rumored romance was not addressed in follow-up Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

But one fan wanted to get to the bottom of it in the hope that the pair lock lips by the end of the trilogy.

Star Wars: ‘Finn Poe is Endgame’

Madeline, 16, caught wind that Isaac would be appearing on WABC’s Live With Kelly and Ryan, just 40 minutes away from her home, reports BuzzFeed.

She wanted an answer to the burning question herself and headed down to the studio to wait outside for the actor.

‘Today I peaked’

After hearing that fans were waiting outside, Isaac went to meet fangirl Madeline, who took a sign that read: ‘FINNPOE IS ENDGAME’

‘There were two others outside waiting who said they saw him go in but security was being really strict and so I was a bit discouraged,” she said.

‘But luckily once he knew fans were waiting he came outside with no security and couldn’t have been nicer.’

On meeting her, Isaac reportedly chuckled and said ‘Nice’ as he endorsed the sign. Good work Maddy!

She asked the actor to sign the poster but he went one step further to endorse the statement.

He wrote ‘fully endorsed’, and said it out loud as he wrote and underlined the words.

‘To me, that’s the best part. He didn’t need to write that; he just recognises what the pairing means to people.’

Going on Madeline said: ‘I’m a humongous Star Wars fan, always have been.

My father introduced it to me when I was little because he’s a fanatic as well. When The Force Awakens came out, I fell in love with the new characters and adopted FinnPoe as one of my favorite ships.

Today is Star Wars Day

Rumours about a romance between Finn and Poe have been flying since episode VII

‘I’d love to see them become canon because it’s just natural.’

‘Going on she told of her excitement at bringing a more ‘endorsed’ conclusion to the popular fan theory.

‘I’ve seen people texting their families about it, sneaking online at work to check out the story. I know what it means to people, and it makes me so freaking ecstatic that I was able to bring people a little slice of joy,’ she continued.

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