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Adam Lambert admits ‘wine and weed’ have often helped him deal with heartbreak

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Photo: Adam Lambert via Twitter

Adam Lambert is first openly gay singer to have an album debut at number one

Adam Lambert has had his share of heartbreaks and has developed a way to cope: ‘wine and weed.’

‘It’s a tricky balance though,’ the singer tells Flaunt. ‘Too much can push you further into the darkness.’

Lambert’s last high-profile romance was with was with Sauli Koskinen, a Finnish entertainment reporter, television host and radio personality.

The two split up in 2013 after two years together.

But it’s not just guys who have broken Lambert’s heart. Professional disappointments have also cut deep for the Grammy nominee and American Idol runner up.

‘I invest myself so fully into my work that if an outcome doesn’t match my expectations, it hits me very hard,’ he admits.

‘Being an entertainer, you get kind of obsessive about your journey, your career. If you’re driven, which you have to be, you’re constantly looking for the next thing and it’s hard to feel satisfied.

‘So I’m starting to challenge myself to appreciate where I’m at in the moment more.’

This summer being in the moment means performing with Queen as lead singer in a US tour in place of the late Freddie Mercury who died in 1992.

‘Freddie was a god and it’s an honor to be carrying his torch into this era,’ says Lambert who first performed with remaining members Brian May and Roger Taylor on the Season 8 finale of American Idol.

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