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Adam Lambert teases new album, speaks out on social media and reality TV

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Adam Lambert | Photo: Client magazine

Adam Lambert says he worked on ‘three album’s worth’ of songs ahead of the release of his fourth LP, adding: ‘It’s different from anything I have done previously.’

‘I have to narrow it down,’ he added. ‘ I’m nearly there now and I’m excited – I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait to share it. I didn’t feel tied to a trend or a genre and explored a lot more, so I think people might be surprised!’

In his new interview with Client magazine, Adam also describes his relationship with Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May, who he’s been touring with in recent years.

‘We are really like a family at this point,’ he enthused. ‘We spend so much time together that we know each other really well and enjoy our time together.’

He furthermore admitted that while working with Queen has been ‘life-changing, […] that doesn’t mean that my new music sounds like Queen. But there is a rock element, there are live instruments.’

He furthermore added: ’I realized that Queen never really got pigeon-holed into a genre – they explored many genres through their music, and so that gives me the freedom to do the same.’

‘I came from a reality show in a way’

The What Do You Want From Me singer also sounds off on social media and reality TV in the chat.

‘Social media can be your best [friend] and worst enemy, but you just need to do what you can do. I have learned not to read the replies or the hate.’

‘Reality TV isn’t all bad,’ he added. ‘I came from a reality show in a way, but it was talent based. I personally find other reality genres to be a real waste of time – glorifying mediocrity and the mundane.’

Adam found fame in 2009 on American Idol. He has since sold over three million albums and five million singles worldwide. He’s known for songs like Two Fux and also Ghost Town.

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