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Tropical Storm Warning Canceled for All Hawaiian Islands

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Visitors in Hawaii can relax. The National Weather Service this afternoon canceled the tropical storm warning for all of the Hawaiian Islands, as Tropical Storm Olivia moved steadily away from the state.

As of 5:00 p.m., the center of Olivia was 110 miles southwest of Honolulu and moving away from Oahu in a west-southwest direction at a speed of 20 miles per hour. The storm progressively weakened throughout today and was last reported to have maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour.

Portions of the state may continue to experience high winds and heavy rainfall through Thursday due to Olivia’s impact on surrounding weather conditions. The National Weather Service has issued wind advisories for Oahu and Kauai.

In addition, all of the Hawaiian Islands continue to be under a flash flood watch through Friday at

6:00 a.m., meaning conditions are favorable for flash flooding in flood-prone areas.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, with support from state and county emergency workers, is currently assessing damages resulting from Olivia. There were isolated reports of power outages, fallen trees and landslides today on Maui and Oahu, all of which have been addressed.

Visitors currently in Hawaii or with confirmed trips to the Hawaiian Islands and concerned about Olivia’s impact on their travel plans are advised to contact their airlines, accommodations and activity providers to see if adjustments are needed.

HTA has a special Alert page about Olivia on its website. Included are links to resources for weather information, alerts posted by the State of Hawaii and four island counties, closures of parks, airline travel waivers, and news releases pertinent to Olivia. HTA’s Alert page for Olivia can be accessed from its home page or by clicking on the following link.

HTA’s Alert page for Olivia can be accessed from its home page or by clicking on the link below.

Following are links to information resources with the latest updates about Olivia and its effect on the Hawaiian Islands.

Weather Information

County Alerts

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