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Adam Rippon performs the Lindsay Lohan Mykonos dance and it’s sickening

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See that girl, watch that scene | Photo: Adam Rippon, Instagram

All those obnoxious girls in High School were right – everyone does need a gay BFF. Proof can be found right here in Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon.

The Olympic duo have been hanging out and practicing things other than their own sports. See, Lindsay Lohan went viral last week for performing some truly spectacular dance moves in gay hot spot Mykonos.

So instead of copying that flawless energy, figure skater Rippon has channeled Lohan’s twin from childhood classic The Parent Trap. In the film, Lindsay Lohan plays her own twin sister.

Gus shared the video on his Twitter, captioning it: ‘Ever wonder what happened to Lindsay Lohan’s twin sister from Parent Trap? This is her now.’

And, just, wow. Do I hear a double-act coming? A tour? A spot on whatever nonsense show James Corden has at the moment? We’ll have to wait to find out.

But while we’re waiting, just take a minute to appreciate how spectacular Lindsay Lohan truly is:

[embedded content]

Shirtless Adam Rippon!?

The Olympic star has been getting his kit off more and more lately – not that anyone’s complaining.

In a recent ad for Nivea, the Bronze medal winner shares a locker room with hunky American football star Danny Amendola.

The clip shows Adam in a towel, giving advice to the player about shaving his whole body.

Fan reaction was mostly thirst. One user commented: ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on pornhub somewhere…’

Another added: ‘Helix Studios presents…’

Heart-in-the-eyes-emoji indeed.

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