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Adventure Time series finale features long-awaited lesbian kiss

Written by gaytourism

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen. | Photo: Adventure Time

The series finale of Adventure Time aired last night (3 September) and fans got exactly what they’ve long been hoping for – a same-sex kiss.

Creators of the show have long hinted at chemistry between Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum. So much so that fans dubbed the couple ‘Bubbline’.

In 2014, the show’s creator Pendleton Ward even hinted they’d previously dated.

But during the final ever episode of Adventure Time last night, it all came out… and so did the two main characters.

The final episode, entitled Ultimate Adventure: Come Along With Me, saw a major war with the mysterious entity GOLB.

When Marceline thinks Princess Bubblegum falls to a demonic attack, she unleashes her anger.

But when she finds out Princess Bubblegum is safe, the pair passionately embrace.

Marceline says: ‘I was so afraid something bad would happen to you and I wouldn’t be there to protect you.

She adds, with tears streaming down her face: ‘And I don’t want to lose you again.’

The two joke about Princess Bubblegum’s possible concussion, then lean in for a cute little make out sesh.

The show also aired a montage of characters at the end, with both Princess Bubblegum and Marceline cuddled up watching TV together.

Fans believe this implies they’re officially dating.

The Cartoon Network show premiered in 2010 and even though the TV series is now finished, the storyline will continue through the comic books.

Steven Universe same-sex kiss

Earlier this year, Cartoon Network series Steven Universe also featured a widely popular same-sex kiss.

Characters Sapphire and Ruby confessed their love for each other, then got married in a sweet wedding ceremony.

During the ceremony, Sapphire says: ‘You changed my life and then I changed your life and now we change our lives.’

They place each other’s wedding rings on their fingers and Ruby swings Sapphire around in a passionate kiss.

They then combine into their ultimate form, Garnet.

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Steven Universe is a major American cartoon series created by Rebecca Sugar, who identifies as bisexual and non-binary.

The show is also Cartoon Network’s first animated show with a sole woman creator.

Steven Universe is also being turned into a movie.

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