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After four years of IVF, same-sex couple welcomes triplets

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Baby's feet, same-sex couple gives birth to triplets

Four years of IVF, 11 trials of artificial insemination, and  £20,000 later, same-sex couple Laura Shepherd, 37, and Laura McLoughlin, 33, have given birth to triplets.

After meeting more than ten years ago, the couple started on the costly and difficult path of IVF. As the NHS provides limited to no funding for same-sex couples, Shepherd and McLoughlin’s desire for children was entirely self-funded — at £2,000 a trial.

Finally, on 12 May on their 11th attempt, McLoughlin gave birth to Hope, Teddy, and Arthur via a c-section. They were born nine weeks early and spent three weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit. The triplets join Shepherd’s 17-year-old son Jack.

‘It’s great fun having triplets – very tiring, and worth every penny,’ said McLoughlin. ‘Since having triplets we’ve faced things we didn’t even consider. We’ve had to get a seven seater car and now things like going into town which would usually take say two hours, now takes four.’

‘I’m sure they won’t be the only ones with same-sex parents’

The family is now settled in their home in Plymouth, Devon.

‘It’s been an emotional and financial rollercoaster but we wouldn’t change it for the world,’ commented Shepherd.

The couple is aware of the challenges they may face as a lesbian couple. Shepherd further said: ‘We are very conscious the children will be going to school with two mums but in five years time I’m sure they won’t be the only ones with same-sex parents.’

They hope their story will help encourage other same-sex couples trying for children.

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