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Alabama city passes historic LGBTQ anti-discrimination law

Written by gaytourism

It’s becoming more beautiful | Photo: Flickr/J. Stephen Conn

A city in Alabama passed a historic anti-discrimination law on Monday (23 April), protecting its LGBTQ residents.

Montevallo’s city-wide ordinance protects people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity from housing, public accomodations, and employment discrimination.

Montevallo is only the second city in the state to pass such an ordinance. Birmingham passed one last year.

As for the state as a whole, Alabama is one of 31 states that doesn’t offer comprehensive anti-discrimination policies for LGBTQ people.

‘Now that Montevallo has joined Birmingham in passing a comprehensive LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance, it is time for other cities in Alabama to follow these communities’ lead in protecting all people from bias and discrimination,’ said Eva Kendrick, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Alabama state director.

Progress in a red state

Alabama is a southern state in the United States, and known for its conservative politics.

Every presidential election since 1980, the state has voted for the Republican candidate. In the last four elections, the majority has been over 60% for the Republican candidate.

It’s part of why Doug Jones’ win last year to become one of the state’s senator was so groundbreaking.

There is more movement within the state to progress its politics as well. Numerous LGBTQ candidates are running for various offices in this year’s midterm elections.

Kendrick further commended Montevallo: ‘Today, Montevallo’s elected leaders have sent a strong message that they will support their LGBTQ constituents — not just with words, but also with policy.’

Since 2014, HRC has focused on red states like Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi to make them more progressive with Project One America.

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