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Tom Daley says he and Dustin don’t know which of them is their child’s biological dad

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Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley hold up the gold medal Daley won at the Commonwealth Games in Australia earlier this month (Photo: @dlanceblack | Instagram)

In an interview with The Times in the UK, Olympic-medal winning diver Tom Daley, 23, has spoken about becoming a dad.

He and husband Dustin Lance Black, 45, revealed on Valentine’s Day that they are expecting their first child. The baby, to be born via a surrogate mom, is due this June.

Although now knowing they are expecting a boy, Daley revealed that he and Dustin do not know who is the biological dad yet.

‘We found an egg donor and we are the sperm donors, we have fertilised half the eggs each.

‘We put in a boy embryo and a girl embryo and we don’t know whose is whose. The next time we will do it the other way around.’

Daley told the newspaper he has long dreamed of marrying and having a family – to the extent that he’s been buying baby clothes for the past six years!

‘I’m just queer. My generation, I think, are more fluid’

He also talked about his own sexuality. Daley revealed that he had fallen in love with a man in a coming out video in late 2013. At the time, he said he liked men and women. A few months later, when asked if he was gay, he replied that he was.

However, in the interview with The Times, he opts for ‘queer’, and says he is still attracted to girls.

‘I am not 100 per cent straight, I’m not 100 per cent gay, I’m just queer. My generation, I think, are more fluid.’

Standing up for LGBTI rights

Since coming out, Daley has been a vocal advocate for LGBTI rights. Earlier this month, he used his participation in the Commonwealth Games to highlight the fact LGBT people continue to face persecution around the world. Thirty-seven Commonwealth countries criminalize same-sex sexual activity.

He has also spoken out about some of the criticism that he and husband Dustin have received after announcing that they are to become parents. On social media, in particular, the couple have been subjected to much homophobic abuse.

Lance Black has also criticized the legal challenges in the UK that prevent would-be parents accessing surrogacy services.

It’s not known where the couple’s surrogate mom is located, although surrogacy is legal in several US states. Daley says that he and Lance Black speak to their surrogate on a daily basis.

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