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Alex Jones accuses ‘mentally ill’ LGBT people of creating cyborgs to destroy civilisation

Written by gaytourism

InfoWars host Alex Jones has accused trans rights activists – who he says are mentally ill – of creating cyborgs to destroy civilisation.

The fringe conspiracy theorist, who interviewed President Donald Trump last year shortly after he was elected, recently claimed that butch lesbians were predisposed to domestic violence and eating brains. 

This week, he has once again poured his bile into the waiting eyes and ears of his audience.

“The most protected class are going to be augmented humans – cyborgs, you name it,” he said.

“And you’re going to have humanoids, which again isn’t a man and a woman, with the chromosomes splicing together.”

Stay with us, because the logic gets even dodgier from here on in.

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“They’re already announcing – ‘the first baby with three parents to be born this year!’ They’ve been doing it for decades,” he claims, “but it’s not a human.”

The world’s first baby to be born with three biological parents came into the world in 2016, and was, by all accounts, human.

Jones said: “It’s something different when you’ve got three parents. And you say, ‘Oh, we just changed some genes over here.’

Not a real human if they have three parents, according to Jones

“It changes the whole deal, especially if you start mixing two women,” said Jones, before throwing scientific terms at his viewers in the hope that they make sense.

“That’s a whole other subject,” he says, “because women have double the genetic code, and then some, and then one extra chromosome, and also, the mitochondrial DNA that the men don’t even have.”

Mitochondrial DNA is present in all genders.

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Jones continued: “They’re creating new lifeforms, and they’re just creating a stampede where you don’t criticise that.”

The occasional tinfoil hat-wearer then moved on to decrying the idea that more letters should be added to the LGBT initialism.


He warned that people who have sex with cars will eventually be included, and that this expanded, inclusive group of letters will become a “national religion” – something which the US has never had.

“It’ll be like, the national religion, to go: ‘L3Q943ABCQPBLVQ543Z92 dot dot dot 34Q5974,’” Jones said.

“I mean, it’s just total mental illness, but it’s how you destroy a civilisation.”

(YouTube/RWW Blog)

He added: “There’s male and there’s females… the point is, it’s happening to the animals too.

“So we’re going to talk about the plan to end humanity.”

There you have it: LGBT people will cause the apocalypse, according to Alex Jones.

Watch Jones’ tirade here:
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