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Almost one in three men are circumcised, but wish they weren’t

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Almost a third of men who are circumcised wish they weren’t, according to our very own Gay Star News poll.

As the most voted on poll this year so far, we asked: ‘Do you wish you were or weren’t circumcised?

And the most voted on answer was: ‘I’m circumcised and wish I wasn’t.’

It received a total of 31%. The next most voted response was ‘I’m circumcised and happy/content’ with 29% and then ‘I’m uncircumcised and happy/content’ with 28%.

Uncircumcised, but wishing otherwise came in last with just 9%.

‘Every day I wish I was never circumcised’

So we wanted to find out why these men wish they never got the snip.

Nick Hung from Omaha, Nebraska told Gay Star News: ‘Wished I had a choice.

When I am with an uncut man, sometimes we discuss the difference. How protected his head is, never over dries, so sensitive. How the slightest touch feels good.

‘I will never know that pleasure. Never have that level of sensitive awesome sensations. [Circumcision] just seems so dark ages and barbaric,’ he said.

Anthony Young from Baltimore, Maryland said: ‘I asked my mom why she had me cut and she didn’t have a good reason…

‘Her decision was made in ignorance. She had not personally seen a natural penis before and therefore felt it was undesirable.

‘I simply wish i had been allowed to make the decision for myself. No one has the right to make alterations to another person’s anatomy without consent in my opinion,’ he said.

A banana that had had its peel cut

The issue of male circumcision can provoke strong reactions in people (Photo: GayStarNews)

And James St Pierre from Boston, Massachusetts joked: ‘[I’m] still pissed [off] – no pun intended.

Every day I wish I was never circumcised.

The first time I saw an uncut penis I was in awe. I met this really handsome man and when we finally got in bed together, he had a huge uncut cock!

‘I thought I died and went to heaven. That’s when I was pissed that I was circumcised. Who gave anyone the right to mutilate my penis? I came into the world with this – hell, I want it back,’ he said.

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