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Anthony Bowens congratulates fellow wrestler Mike Parrow on coming out

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Wrestlers Anthony Bowens and (inset) Mike Parrow (Photo: @bowens_official and @parrow29 | Instagram)

Out wrestler Anthony Bowens has been among the first in the wrestling community to congratulate Mike Parrow on deciding to speak openly about his sexuality.

Yesterday, in an interview with Gay Star News, Florida-based independent professional wrestler Parrow talked about the struggles he had when younger to accept the fact he is gay.

He talked about contemplating suicide and seeking out conversion therapy and psychiatric help in order to try and ‘fix’ himself. His turning point came four and a half years ago when he met his boyfriend, Morgan.

Earlier this month, he asked Morgan to marry him.

Yesterday’s interview prompted hundreds of comments online. Among the first to offer their congratulations was Anthony Bowens – a fellow wrestler who came out as bisexual in March of this year.

In his Twitter message, he said, ‘Congrats man! Hopefully you feel as free and liberated as I felt. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and the best of luck. Let’s keep changing the world. @Parrow_’

Parrow responded, ‘It was the most freeing thing I have have ever done. It’s allows me to be a better me. Much love bro.’

Wrestle world support

Others in the wrestling community have tweeted their support.

Parrow himself said he had been greatly moved by the response his coming out story had prompted. He tweeted last night. ‘Never would I have thought the @gaystarnews article would have such a overwhelmingly amazing response of messages of hope, people just sharing their own stories with me,retweeting article to @WWNLive @MLW for the support system. Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone.’

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