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Ash Wellness: A Beacon of Hope For LGBTQ Health and Wellness

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Ash Wellness: A Beacon of Hope For LGBTQ Health and Wellness

David Stein’s journey of self-discovery, from grappling with his sexual identity amidst suburban Philadelphia’s stifling homophobia to co-founding Ash Wellness, is a tale of resilience and innovation. A company that provides at-home diagnostic testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other health metrics, Ash Wellness is an embodiment of Stein’s personal experiences and keen entrepreneurial spirit.

From Personal Struggles to Collective Solutions

Stein’s discomfort during a safe sex lecture, held in an STD testing facility, sparked the idea for Ash Wellness. With an aim to facilitate easier access to sexual health and wellness testing, particularly for the LGBTQ community — a group often facing challenges in this regard, Stein and his co-founders, Kyle Waters, Mio Akasako, and Nick Sempere, set out to make a difference. Their goal was to offer a more comfortable and personalized experience, one that could foster a sense of safety and acceptance.

Building Ash Wellness

Stein and his team initially intended to sell STI kits directly to consumers, but realizing the need for a more sustainable business model, they adapted their approach. Ash Wellness took shape during their one-year MBA program at Cornell Tech, where they won a startup award and participated in an accelerator program, gaining additional funding and invaluable guidance.

Funding and Future Plans

Since its inception, Ash Wellness has managed to secure a significant $6.6 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. The company’s exponential growth and the acceptance it has received highlight a dire need within the LGBTQ community for more personalized, accessible healthcare solutions. As Stein and his team continue their mission, they carry with them the hopes of countless individuals seeking not just medical care, but also a sense of belonging and acceptance.


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