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Atheists Endorse Pope’s Provision to Bless LGBTQ Couples: “Game Changer”

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Atheists in Kenya Society have released a statement supporting the decision by Pope Francis to allow the blessing of same-sex couplesIts president, Harrison Mumia, said the decision shows the rights of LGBTQ people are equally human rightsAccording to Mumia, the decision by the Pope shows there is nothing sinful about same-sex relationships

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Nairobi – The Atheists in Kenya Society has welcomed the decision by the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, to allow clergy to bless same-sex couples.

Atheists in Kenya Society President Harrison Mumia speaking at a past interview. Photo: Harrison Mumia.Source: Twitter

In a statement on Tuesday, December 26, Atheist in Kenya Society President Harrison Mumia termed the controversial decision by the Pope a game changer.

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Why Atheists support Pope Francis’s decision

According to Mumia, the decision by the Pope shows that gay rights are human rights and that there is nothing sinful about LGBTQ.


“This decision is a game changer for the Catholic faithful worldwide and the Christian community in Kenya. The Atheists In Kenya Society welcomes this decision, as It sends a clear message to the religious community in Kenya that gay rights are human rights and there is nothing immoral or sinful about same-sex relationships,” Mumia said.

He pointed out that society will continue to champion the protection of the rights of LGBTQ people in Kenya.

“The Atheists In Kenya Society will continue it’s campaigns to protect and uphold the rights of LGBTI people in Kenya, including their right to life, freedom and safety,” the socity added.

CS Kuria praises Archbishop Anyolo

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Elsewhere, Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria lauded the Catholic Archbishop of Nairobi, Philip Anyolo, for defying the Pope’s directive allowing clergy to bless same-sex couples.

In a statement on Monday, December 25, Kuria said the position taken by the Nairobi Archbishop represents the position of all members of the Kenyan Catholic Church.

According to Kuria, Kenya will never allow LGBTQ unions, despite the strong respect the country has for the Pope.

“The decision by Archbishop Anyolo on the blessing of same-sex couples is the position of all of us from the Roman Catholic Church in Kenya. We will never accept same-sex couples in the Kenyan Church, with utmost and most profound respect and reverence for the Pope.” Kuria said.



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