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‘Be more like North Korea’ to stop LGBTI people says religious leader

Written by gaytourism

Malaysian religious teacher, Ustaz Hanafiah Abd Malek. | Photo: Facebook via Sinar Harian

A religious teacher has blamed instant messaging service WeChat for the spread of the LGBTI community in Malaysia, saying it should be more like North Korea and block access to certain websites.

Ustaz Hanafiah Abd Malek is an influential Islamic religious teacher in Malaysia. He said more needs to be done to make sure the LGBTI community stays contained.

He singled out instant messaging service app, WeChat, as the main tool used to ‘expand’ the LGBTI community. WeChat is an instant messaging service popular in Asia with about 697 million monthly average users.

‘This move should be followed by Malaysia in order to control this deviant [LGBTI] symptom,’ he told Sinar Harian in a live Facebook video.

‘Besides Facebook and the likes, the application that is most dangerous in causing this movement to grow strongly is WeChat. Through this medium, this LGBT group starts to connect and expand.’

The Gay Agenda

Malek argued that LGBTI groups use phrases such as, ‘gay is okay’ and ‘people like us’ as a way to influence people.

He said that once LGBTI people recruit enough people they would fight even harder for their rights.

The religious teacher said he wanted to work with LGBTI organizations and help end new HIV transmissions.

But Malek is a patron and adviser to organization Pertubuhan Amal Firdausi (Pafi) that practices ‘gay conversion’ through religious teachings.

He also wants work approach LGBTI organizations with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), which has openly endorsed gay conversion therapy.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are both illegal in Malaysia, a Muslim majority nation.

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