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World famous bisexual goose has been laid to rest in moving funeral

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Thomas the bisexual goose (L) and his funeral in New Zealand | Photo: Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust Facebook

Thomas the bisexual goose was laid to rest next to his soulmate, Henry the Swan, in a moving funeral service.

New Zealand’s famous blind, polyamorous and bisexual goose died earlier this month.

A bagpipe procession led the crowd of about 60 people at Thomas’ funeral.

A member of the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust – where Thomas spent his final days – held a small coffin with the goose’s body inside.

Thomas was buried next to his love of nearly 30 years, Henry the Swan with a plaque put up near the grave in his honor.

Mayor of the local Kāpiti Coast council, K Gurunathan, gave a moving eulogy at the funeral.

Thomas and Henry’s love

Thomas and Henry were inseparable for the three decades of their relationship. They were not even torn apart when Henrietta the swan, a love rival turned up on the scene.

Henry and Henrietta would go on to have dozens of cygnets together, while Thomas took on the role of doting uncle.

Bisexual animal and partners

Thomas (white) with Henry, Henrietta (black) and their cygnets | Photo: Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust Facebook

The trio were in an amicable polyamorous relationship until Henry died in 2009. Thomas was heard crying in the years after Henry’s death.

The Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust (WBRT) took Thomas into its care in 2013. He had started going blind in one eye and would soon be blind in both.

‘We have loved having Thomas as a part of the WBRT Family and have treated him with extra special love and care,’ WBRT wrote on its Facebook page.

‘He lived for corn on the cob and if it wasn’t there when we put him back into his house at night, he was not happy.

‘As well as making other blind bird friends to spend his days with Thomas helped foster a couple of broods of cygnets along the way (for nostalgic reasons and boy, did he do a good job!).’

A poem for Thomas

Pinky Agnew, a local, wrote a poem for Thomas.

Here it is in full:

Here lies Thomas, the great-hearted goose,
Nestled near Henry, in their final roost,
Here where they raised young, and found sanctuary,
Somewhere above us, these great souls fly free.

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