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Bella Thorne came out on Twitter before even telling her mom

Written by gaytourism

‘It’s a change up’ | Photo: bellathorne Instagram

Actress and singer Bella Thorne has opened up about her coming out.

A fan asked her on Twitter how she came out to her parents.

Thorne responded explaining: ‘I didn’t tell my mom…I just came out on twitter but I figured she already knew.’

Her father on the other hand, has been ‘been gone for awhile.’

Delancey Thorne died in a car accident in 2007.

Thorne is no stranger to opening up about her personal life on Twitter.

Since coming out as bisexual in a tweet in August 2016. A fan asked if she was bisexual and she simply responded ‘yes.’

She opened up on Instagram in early 2018 about being sexually abused as a child.

‘People are nicer on Twitter’

Yahoo Entertainment asked the actress about her transparency on social media at the premiere for her latest movie.

Thorne stars as protagonist Katie Price in Midnight Sun. The romantic drama comes out 23 March.

The actress explained her affinity for Twitter.

She said: ‘Sometimes I feel like I can actually, like, really have a conversation with someone a bit more on Twitter. And sometimes people are a little bit nicer on Twitter than some random trolls on Instagram.’

Thorne added talking about her past helps her to heal.

She continued: ‘I feel like I’m more comfortable with things after you just talk about them, regularly talk about them and just get comfortable with them. It feels a little bit better.’

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