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Love, Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale talks coming out on set

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Taken in Nanakuli, Hawaii | Photo: keiynanlonsdale Instagram

Actor Keiynan Lonsdale has spoken about coming out to his Love, Simon co-stars and crew.

Lonsdale stars in the romcom as school jock Abraham Greenfeld, otherwise known as Bram.

The 27-year-old came out as LGBTI in May 2017, a few weeks after filming for Love, Simon finished.

He explained to HuffPost:  ‘Timing is a very funny thing. I never imagined, especially as I was going through my own issues, that I would get to play this character in a queer love story.’

He added that the film ‘gave me a kick to reflect and think about how I wanted to deal with my internalized shame.’

Lonsdale came out to his Love, Simon co-stars and crew at the wrap party.

Starring in Love, Simon also helped actor Joey Pollari come out. He came out as gay on 15 March.

Nick Robinson, star of Love Simon, also explained his brother came out to him as gay at the start of filming.

‘Couldn’t be in a better environment’

He spoke about his role with Teen Vogue.

Lonsdale explained: ‘I wasn’t out during filming. I’ve been out to my friends for a couple years, but I was still in the closet publicly.

‘So when I came to the set I was really nervous sharing that with anyone; I didn’t share it until the wrap day. And that was an issue for me.’

He was in a relationship with a guy at the time and also did not tell them about that.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Lonsdale explained he didn’t know why he was so scared.

He recalled thinking: ‘I’m on a LGBT film, there’s a gay director, everyone is so supportive. I couldn’t be in a better environment.’

A friend advised him to not be down on yourself and ‘maybe reflect on that.’

For this reason he is extremely thankful for the movie.

‘One, for just being a part of it and two, it made me confront myself more and a lot quicker than I would’ve done without it,’ Lonsdale explained.

‘Lack of representation’

He came out to his co-stars at drinks just before the wrap party. While he doesn’t recall exactly how he said it, ‘I just said it to the group, and they were of course really supportive.’

Lonsdale also told them he wished he had told them earlier.

Fear and lack of representation had a lot to do with why he was so scared to come out.

The actor explained to Hollywood Reporter there was no one for him to look up when he was younger.

‘Once I realized that not only was it possible, but it’s important, and this is better for my sanity, that’s when I was able to make that shift,’ he continued.

Lonsdale says he’d love to be able to tell more LGBTQ stories now.

He adds: ‘As much as they’re being highlighted at the moment, there still isn’t that much of them.’

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