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BenDeLaCreme warns Drag Race fans not to ‘harass and bully the queens’

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BenDeLaCreme addresses *that* All Stars 3 finale. | Photo: BenDeLaCreme / Facebook

BenDeLaCreme took to social media last night (22 March) to warn fans to be kind to Drag Race queens and not ‘harass’ or ‘bully’ them.

In light of the upcoming new season, DeLa took the time to explain why she remained silent after the All Stars 3 finale.

She wrote on Facebook: ‘You may have noticed I have not yet congratulated the winner of All Stars 3. Or weighed in on the final episode at all.

‘In fact, I’ve steered clear of social media for the last week.

‘Not because I have nothing to say, but because I have discovered that anything I say will lead to an attack from a small but vocal minority of “fans” who have been using social media to harass and bully the queens,’ she said.

She then talks about kindness: ‘No one is born kind. It takes work… How about you all just focus on being wildly appreciative that these people have chosen to share themselves and their artistry with you, to bare themselves and be vulnerable despite the knowledge that many of you will be extremely cruel in return?’

BenDeLaCreme: ‘Drag is who I am’

The All Stars 3 alumni also wanted to clear a few things up. She revealed she actually said no when producers first asked her to compete on All Stars 3. She relented for a few reasons: her career, financial security and personal growth.

DeLa also addressed why she left the show. She explains she wanted to control her own narrative.

She wrote: ‘Stop accepting what “authority figures” have told you you have to do. You do not have to consent to compromising your values or personal boundaries, whatever they may be.’

The All Star congratulated Trixie Mattel for winning the crown, as well as her competitors Kennedy Davenport, BeBe Zahara Benet and Shangela.

The cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 standing in a row all wearing gold clothes

The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. | Photo: Faceboook

But she finished her statement with an important note to the real fans of the show.

She wrote: ‘Congratulations to the real fans – the ones who actually show love and support. You will always be a part of this family. You will always be loved and appreciated. And by giving, receiving and sharing that love, you will always know what it means to “win.”

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