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Benedict Cumberbatch on drag history: ‘I played women from a very early age’

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Benedict Cumberbatch. | Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Kylie Minogue and Benedict Cumberbatch just shared their hilarious stories about drag culture.

Talking to James Corden, the pair each revealed a history with drag queens.

Kylie said she once went to a Kylie Minogue-themed drag queen night at a gay club.

But she wasn’t actually expecting to end up there, so she wasn’t dressed up. She was just wearing a crocheted top and said: ‘I wasn’t in full flight.’

Kylie continued: ‘I’m tiny – so me in a little hippy outfit standing next to four robust Kylies, it was quite something!’

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Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘I’m very comfortable with that side of my gender fluidity’

Then the conversation turns towards Benedict Cumberbatch and his history in wearing women’s clothes.

When James Corden shows him a photo of himself in drag, Cumberbatch replies: ‘I went to an all-boys boarding school so I played women from a very early age.

‘I’m very comfortable with that side of my gender fluidity and it’s all cool.

‘I played Titania, queen of the fairies when I was 13 and Rosalind when I was 14,’ he said.

Then Kylie teaches Benedict Cumberbatch and James Corden to line dance in this hilarious clip.

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Cumberbatch will star in upcoming gay boxer biopic Gypsy Boy. He also played out-gay  Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

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