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Fans freak out over Sara Bareilles implying she loves women

Written by gaytourism

Sara Bareilles. | Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group / Flickr

Fans are freaking out over a recent tweet from Sara Bareilles implying she loves women.

The Brave singer took to Twitter on Monday (30 April) to explain the meaning behind one of her songs.

Referencing 2007 smash hit Love Song, Twitter user Tyler Herron asked: ‘Would @SaraBareilles be as popular today if she wrote him a love song because he asked for it? Because he needed one?’

Herron basically asked who the song was about and what would happen if this guy didn’t ask her to write it.

So Sara Bareilles replied: ‘It was never about a he.’

On face value, it looks like she’s saying she wrote the song about a woman. So fans began freaking out, making the tweet hit tweet 70,000 likes and 11,000 retweets – far more than any of her other tweets.

One Twitter user responded with rainbow flags and: ‘This song just got exponentially cooler!’

Sara Bareilles: ‘People want to hear what they want to hear’

But alas, the song is widely known to be about her record label. In fact, she dedicated a whole chapter of her memoir Sounds Like Me to the meaning behind it.

So, a ‘they’ not a ‘he.’

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Bareilles told the Huffington Post in 2015 on the explanation of the song: ‘It makes for an easy one-liner to be like, “So the big bad record label wanted you to write love songs and this is you fighting back.” It’s not that it’s not true, but it wasn’t that simple.

‘People sort of want to hear what they want to hear,’ she said.

Bareilles continued: ‘It was a love song to my craft. It was a love song to my intention, to my heart and soul. I was fighting for the essence of some truth inside of me, which to me is a beautiful love song.’

But the reactions to the tweet about her faux-coming out kept coming.

One Twitter user replied: ‘I know this is about your label but *gay panic attack*’

Another wrote: ‘Even though it’s about your label… I live in an alternate universe where it’s about a she.’

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