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Best destination for gay tourism in the USA

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Some destinations within the USA are not shy to flaunt the rainbow flag and glow with pride. They encourage you to come visit and have the time of your life. So, it doesn’t matter that you can’t go abroad, all you need to do is get a ticket, book a hotel if you want, right within the borders of the USA. Here are some of these destinations;

Atlanta, Georgia

Forget about the real housewives and all their drama or love and hip hop, Atlanta should be on the top of your list because of the restaurants, parties, pride galore. There is still a strong, visible LBGT community and population within Atlanta. You are sure to feel right at home plus welcome here.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

This charming seaside community has one of the most popular summer gay beach locations. Also known as the location with the highest proportions of same-sex couples in America, Provincetown should be at the top of your must-visit destinations within the USA.

Napa, California

The LGBT community is fully represented and thriving in Sonoma just out in the valley. Taking a drive up to Napa is already half of the fun when visiting this location. With it been just one hour north of San Francisco, you are going to have a lot of fun with food, wine and some great relaxation spots.

Hawaii, Eight Islands

This has been called the gay state. With its civil unions that begone on January 1st in addition to its polysexual past, this a must visit rainbow state. You are assured of a perfect holiday from scoping out surfer brahs on the beach, donning your hulu skirt for a nightlife exploring Honolulu or just to chill on Big Island, Hawaii is just the place for you. Check out more here.

Key West, Florida

With its bustling resort scenes, an active plus vibrant LGBT community, the feeling of been in the tropics, cutest plantation houses (with the rumors of them been hunted), this is the vacation haven for gays, the candy-colored Key West. A must visit? Definitely.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Great food, drinks, Mardi Gras, music, magic, voodoo, will make you visit New Orleans again and again. The Joie de vivre is thriving and vibrant here. Can I hear a loud’ destination New Orleans’?

Seattle, Washington Portland

Seattle definitely settles at the top of the gay scene. It is a known culinary heaven, awesome shopping scene, the arts, growing tech companies, mountains that just call out to you to explore them, unarguably home to the country’s most phallic building, a vibrant gown up gay scene, Seattle is just the place to visit and you will feel right at home.

San Diego, California

From more artsy North Park, a bustling and bubbling compact Hillcrest, 300 days of sunshine a year, a laidback vibe to the locality, San Diego draws gays from all over to come chill, relax and just enjoy the vibe.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thriving nightlife, artistic scenes, great cultural and culinary heritage, cobblestone streets, a long colorful history, ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ is definitely as must visit for any gay.

Orlando, Florida

The state that hosts the annual Gay Days. How can you not visit Orlando? This annual event is a week of parties, most of the time, shirtless and a red-shirted play at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and so much more. This state must be on your list of destinations to visit. They definitely want you to come.

Boston, Massachusetts

Park a car at the burbs in Dorchester, visit the historic gay neighborhood of South End, Boston is without a doubt a great starting point for the destinations of gay tourism in the USA. It is the first major American city to recognize same-sex marriage, so it holds a soft spot for gays. the cobblestoned city is also a beauty to experience, so, head over.

Miami, Florida

Sun, sand, nightlife, South Beach, Mainland Miami, style, and you have a lethal combination of an experience of a lifetime which would just be hot, hot, hot.

Palm Springs, California

Think hotness, think Palm Springs. The warm weather is just ideal for the LGBT community, with its 30 gay guesthouses made available just for you visiting pleasure or you could take the option of heading over to the hipster-mixed Ace Hotel which is a favorite hotspot. The weekend pool parties which is their white party will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

This hot, steamy Southern Florida location is a must visit. It prides itself on the two annual pride events which it holds every year. There are gay guesthouses available for you in addition to serenity.

New York, New York

Fast cars, money, fashion, food, the arts, nightlife, The City that never sleeps, name it and New York is it. This city is as straight and gay as it gets. With over 50.2 million tourists in some years, every square inch of the city has a place just for gays. This city might just be the number one destination for gays.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyone wants a weekend or make it a week in Las Vegas. Get lost in the city of lights in the desert which has been a popular stop for gays for years. Shopping, dining, gambling, are just a few of the activities Las Vegas has to offer. Stag weekend, Elton John performing, Cher? Better get yourself over to Las Vegas and enjoy a weekend or week of sin.

Los Angeles, California

The beaches, Echo Park, Silverlake, West Hollywood to name a few, the warm, sunny climate has a well of fashion, fame, dining, nightlife, entertainment for the gay community. Come lose yourself in the sunny Los Angeles.

Chicago, Illinois

We round up the destinations with a city that is in contest with New York. With its luxe hotels, gay beaches, mouth-watering hot dogs, the city of Chicago is steadily making its way as a must stop destination for gays in the USA.

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