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Bizarre theory claims avoiding ejaculation will help ‘reverse’ homosexuality

In a bizarre “study” self-published this month, scientist Rita Strakosha claimed that unhealthy diet and stress can cause homosexuality.

She has also proposed a “therapy” to “cure” homosexuality which includes avoiding ejaculation to induce “hibernation” in a person’s sexuality.

Once the so-called hibernation period finishes, the scientist claims that heterosexual attraction will magically appear, because that’s how science works.

Suffice to say, we’re a tad cynical.

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“Discontinuation of hibernation would be an opportune time for sexual orientation change,” Strakosha wrote in the study.

At this time, she said, “heterosexual attraction could again resurface. Homosexual attraction could also resurface, probably weakened due to extinction.”

As proof, she presented an ancient Chinese theory which claimed that if your desire is to live a long and healthy life, you should not ejaculate more than 24 times a year.

“A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly, or 24 times in a year,” seventh-century doctor Sun Ssu-mo said.

You should also avoid ejaculating altogether in winter months, according to Strakosha, who again cited the Chinese spiritualist.

“In wild primates and somewhat in humans, sexuality is seasonal,” she argued.

She quoted Sun Ssu-mo as saying: “During the cold of winter, a man should preserve his semen and avoid ejaculation altogether.

“One ejaculation in winter is one hundred times more harmful than an ejaculation in the spring.

“In spring a man may permit himself to ejaculate once every three days, but in summer and autumn he should limit his ejaculations to twice a month.”

The theory relates to Taoism, an ancient Chinese religious philosophical tradition.

Strakosha states that the theory is supported by Master Liu Ching from the Han Dynasty, who according to Taoist myth lived 256 years after “regulating his ‘emissions’ according to the cosmic cycles of seasonal change”.

Modern interpretation, however, states this figure has simply been invented to support the Taoist lifestyle, which includes avoiding ejaculating too much.

PinkNews contacted Strakosha for comment, but she has not yet responded.

Another bizarre and controversial “study” was recently published linking the development of same-sex attraction in women to the fact that men get turned on by it.

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