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Boston Catholic Schools Foundation Features Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Guv At Fundraising Gala

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CV NEWS FEED // Boston-based Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) held a fundraising gala last week which featured an appearance from Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey.

Healey is not only a staunch supporter of abortion and the LGBTQ movement, she also currently cohabits with a woman. Healey’s female “partner” is a mother of two and was still married to her childrens’ father when her relationship with the governor began.

The Pilot reported that the CSF’s 34th annual Building Minds Scholarship Fund Gala was held in Boston on April 11. The gala raised over $5.6 million to support Catholic school scholarships in the Archdiocese, according to The Pilot.

The Democratic governor “made a special appearance to thank the foundation and its donors for ‘doing God’s work,’” The Pilot noted.

The Pilot is published by the Archdiocese of Boston and describes itself as “America’s oldest Catholic newspaper.”

Just two days earlier, Healey visited St. John’s Prep, an elite all-boys Catholic school in Danvers, MA, which serves grades 6 through 12. The school is sponsored by the Congregation of St. Francis Xavier (Xavierian Brothers).

At the prep school, “the governor spent almost an hour engaging with five student groups,” Blaze Media indicated.

St. John’s Head of School Ed Hardiman told the governor that he was “really excited to have the opportunity to engage with … and to learn from” her.

Furthermore, the school praised its visit with Healey via an entry on its website, posted April 12. “[I]t was quickly clear [Healey’s] personal values are closely aligned with those of the Xaverian Brothers,” the entry alleges.

Healey was raised Catholic but it is unclear if she still claims to practice the faith.

On Tuesday, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts decried Healey’s visit. 

“Healey is a partnered lesbian, endorsed by Planned Parenthood, who has credited the nation’s largest abortion perpetrator as the force which made possible her political career,” the organization stated in a news release.

“The Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts endorsed Healey and contributed to her campaign, when ran for Attorney General—her first elective office—in 2014,” the Catholic Action League noted. “[Healey] subsequently said that [Planned Parenthood’s] support was ‘a game changer for my campaign.’”

“Healey received their endorsement again when she ran for re-election in 2018, and when she ran for governor in 2022,” the League added.


In addition, Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle pointed out that the governor “is an opponent of vouchers and tuition tax credits for private and parochial schools.”

“Healey actually appointed her former lesbian paramour to the state’s highest court, the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth, which by the way is the oldest court in the United States,” Doyle added.

American Family News described that Healey had appointed her ex-significant other Gabrielle Wolohojian “in February to an open seat on the state’s highest court.” 

At the time, Healey had defended her controversial appointment stating: “I’m proud of that nomination and I’m proud of nominating someone who is so deserving and so qualified.”

“Of course, I had a personal relationship with Judge Wolohojian for many years so I happen to also know something about her character and her integrity and the kind of person she is,” the governor also remarked in February.

While Healey and Wolohojian’s relationship ended years ago, the governor is currently cohabiting with Joanna Lydgate. 

Lydgate is a lawyer who was Healey’s Chief Deputy when the now-governor was serving as Massachusetts Attorney General. 

Healey maintains that she began seeing Lydgate months after she had ceased being her employee. Lydgate is the co-foundress and currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the States United Democracy Center. 

The Center has been described as protecting so-called “voting rights,” a loosely defined term which in recent years has been often used as a left-wing euphemism for opposing election integrity measures.

Lydgate also is a mother of two school-age children and was still married to their father at the time she began her relationship with Healey.

A Boston Globe article from January 2023 referred to “Lydgate’s soon-to-be-former husband.” At the time, she had been with Healey for “almost two years.”

The Globe then reported:

Lydgate said, she and her husband had “lovingly and mutually” parted, too. Their divorce will soon be finalized. She and her husband … have been sharing custody of their two children, ages 9 and 11, each parent living part time in the home outside Boston where the kids are growing up.

Healey called her relationship with the mother of two, “a really beautiful, unexpected journey,” as quoted in the Globe.

“Working together in the office, we were always really close,” Healey said, reflecting on her time as Lydgate’s employer. “After we stopped working together we realized this is something more … than just being best friends.”

Back in 2022, then-Attorney General Healey blasted Bishop Robert Joseph McManus of Worcester after he urged a Catholic school in the diocese to remove its LGBTQ “pride” and Black Lives Matter flags.

“Nativity and other schools should be allowed to fly those flags,” Healey stated.

“We need to do everything we can as a state to stand up for people’s civil rights … including our young people in the LGBTQ community who are really going through a hard time right now,” she added.


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