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Brexit whistleblower: ‘UK stripped me of my right to come out to my mom’

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Brexit campaigner Shamir Sanni was outed by by a UK Government statement | Photo: Twitter

Brexit whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, says the UK government stripped him of the ‘most important’ conversation any son can have with their mom – coming out.

The pro-Brexit campaigner revealed his family in Pakistan are now in danger since the Downing Street statement outed him to the public.

Speaking ahead of a rally outside the UK Parliament tonight by Fair Vote, Shahmir tells GSN this stripped him of the right to have the most important son any son can have with their mother.

This weekend, Political Secretary Stephen Parkinson revealed he and Sanni had ‘dated’ for 18 months.

In the statement, Parkinson accuses Sanni of blowing the whistle for personal reasons and ‘blurred lines’ about their relationship.

Sanni’s lawyers say this is the first time an official UK Government statement has outed someone. It’s something Sanni says has put his family in Pakistan in danger. In some areas of Pakistan, being gay is punishable by death.

The evidence Sanni published shows Vote Leave allegedly coordinated with another pro-Brexit group, BeLeave, to dodge campaign spending limits.

Living in fear, that weight has ‘now lifted’

He says the actions of Parkinson left him living under a weight of fear. He says this is at least ‘now lifted.’

Shanni told GSN: ‘In my desperation for the truth to be revealed and my story to be told, the opportunity to say the most important words of my life to my mother, my brothers, and my sisters was stripped from me.’

It’s been a tumultuous few days for Shahmir. He broke down in tears during a press conference about being outed earlier this week.

Despite this, he says he is bolstered by the LGBTQI+ community’s response to his story.

‘They helped rid the fear and weight,’ he added.

‘Now they have nothing they can use against me, except lies and fake news. I can put all of me, including gay me, behind fighting for democracy.’

That’s why tonight (29 March), he is speaking at the Fair Vote rally outside parliament. It takes place on the day the UK is just one year away from leaving the European Union.

He’ll be sharing the platform with the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie, who is also gay.

The data firm Cambridge Analytica, who also worked on President Donald Trump’s election campaign, has been accused of harvesting up to 50 million Facebook profiles without permission.

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