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Britney Spears raises money for LGBTI charity with new Pride perfume

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Britney Spears sings Elvis for her birthday. | Photo: Flickr/Rhys Adams

Britney Spears is helping the LGBTI community once again by raising money for media advocacy group GLAAD with the release of her Pride perfume.

Ahead of her sure-to-be iconic Brighton Pride performance tomorrow (3 August), the star has teamed up with Superdrug to release a Pride edition of her popular Fantasy scent.

From that, £1 from every purchase goes towards GLAAD. The charity hopes to challenge the perceptions of LGBTI people by shaping the narrative in the media.

Ahead of her performance at Brighton Pride

While this news is being met mostly with ‘YAAS KWEEN’ from her countless stans, not everybody is happy with the decision.

Some people are sad that it’s only available in the UK. But others have raise genuine concerns, flagging that only £1 from a total of £40 is going to charity. That’s only 2.5% of the revenue.

Blood donation advocacy group Freedom To Donate founder Ethan Spibey Tweeted: ‘It’s £40 with £1 going to an LGBT+ charity, but I’m sure we’re all ok with that because we all “stan” her. Honestly.’

He followed up with: ‘You think someone worth $220m dollar promoting a product in one of the UK’s largest high street shops is expecting £1 to be 90% of profits?’

Another user added: ‘Can you not afford to donate more and also to a UK based charity, you are after all ‘celebrating love and equality’ here in the UK.’

But that doesn’t seem to be the only issue here. The original Fantasy perfume is also being sold at Superdrug… for £18. In fact, all versions of the Fantasy perfume seem to be less than £40.

Britney Spears Pride Perfume

Regardless of what you think about the perfume, at least we can all keep freaking out that Britney Spears is performing at Brighton Pride.

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