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Nashville man attacks lesbian in her car after she rebuffs his advances

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Security footage of the attack | Photo: Video/Wave3 News

A lesbian in Nashville, Tennessee is hoping there are consequences for the man who attacked her and her car after she rebuffed his advances.

Bailey Cantrell was at a Kwik Sak gas station near Centennial Park when the man approached her. She said her friend was inside while she waited by the car when the man came up, calling her names and asking for her phone number.

‘After I declined, still a little bit mad, then the second I declined the third time and said “I’m gay, I’m just not interested,” that’s when it triggered him and he got very aggressive,’ she told Wave3 News.

Security camera footage shows the man jumping onto the car, while Cantrell was in it, and kicking in the windshield. It can be viewed at Wave3.

After he does, she reverses the car and gets out as he keeps advancing.

Once Cantrell is out of the car, the man aggressively grabs her.

According to Wave3, people have criticized the way Cantrell responded. She said, however, she was acting in a moment of panic.

‘I only reversed to try to knock him over and make him fall but that didn’t work,’ she said.

‘When I got out, I was getting out to grab my phone and call 911 and also, there was glass in my eye from where all that glass hit us. So that was uncomfortable and I just felt like I needed to get out of the car.’

She said she was also worried the man had a weapon.

Seeking justice

Cantrell wants to see her attacker brought to justice.

‘Since he did this and got away with it, he had no repercussions,’ she said. ‘He’s going to think, “If a girl rejects me, I can do this to her. I didn’t get caught last time.”‘

Witnesses reportedly said the man is staying at a nearby hotel. According to reports, Cantrell went to the hotel with officers but they did not find the man.

For now, Cantrell is moving out of her apartment near the gas station and moving in with her parents.

GSN contacted the Nashville police for comment.

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