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People mock hugging baseball players because we can’t have nice things

Written by gaytourism

Albies and Acune in the dugout | Photo: Twitter @BontaHill

People on the internet decided to get homophobic very quickly when two professional baseball players affectionately hugged during a game.

Video caught Atlanta Braves players Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna Jr. in an embrace in the dugout during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It quickly went viral and people naturally gave their opinions, wanted or not.

A lot of the shared reactions were rooted in homophobia, as well as horror and confusion at seeing two men be affectionate with one another.

‘I don’t want to gay bash…’ one person wrote with an ellipsis.

Fortunately, others spoke up to strike back against this example of toxic masculinity.

Reactions like these are harmful

The first set of reactions, those that are homophobic, are harmful as they reinforce the idea of toxic masculinity.

What does this term mean, exactly?

While there are many different defitions, here it is best understood as the enforcement of stereotypical masculine gender traits. This includes the idea of men having to be ‘strong’ and strong meaning not showing emotion.

It essentially restricts what men are allowed to feel, and forces them into angry and ‘alpha’ roles without the ability for emotional range.

When people respond negatively to two men being affectionate and emotional, such as Albies and Acuna, it plays into the harmful nature of toxic masculinity.

Furthermore, calling men ‘gay’ because they are emotional or affectionate is also homophobic and discriminatory, as it implies being gay or having these traits is somehow lesser.

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