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Broadway show Boys in the Band wraps up, ends with standing ovation

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Boys in the Band cast photo. | Photo: Robin De Jesus / Instagram

Star-studded Broadway show Boys in the Band played its final performance last night (11 August), complete with a standing ovation.

The play features big name actors Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells, Jim Parsons, Robin de Jesus, Brian Hutchison and Michael Benjamin Washington.

It also featured Charlie Carver and Tuc Watkins in their joint Broadway debuts.

The play revolves around nine men at a Manhattan birthday party.

All have various back stories when it comes of their sexualities, and interpersonal relationships with each other. Tensions – sexual, hostile and political – bubble throughout the show.

Boys in the Band cast with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange

Boys in the Band cast with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. | Photo: andrewrannells / Instagram

But last night was the final performance at the Booth Theatre in New York City.

In a sweet video posted to both Instagram and Twitter, the main cast come out on stage at the end of the performance.

They all then join hands and bow to the audience.

The crowd goes wild and gives them a long standing ovation.

Boys in the Band cast members say their final goodbyes

After the standing ovation, Matt Bomer reposted the video to Instagram.

He wrote in the caption: ‘Final curtain call. Being a part of this party every night, onstage and off, was a true gift. Love you all.’

Zachary Quinto also posted a photo of himself to Instagram with the caption: ‘the final harold.’

Robin De Jesus said on Instagram: ‘Good bye @boysbandbway. You quietly and slowly crept into my heart. Thank you.’

Jim Parsons posted a photo of his dressing room at the Booth Theatre. He wrote in the caption on Instagram: ‘Goodbye, dressing room 1 at The Booth Theater, you’ve been very good to me and provided some decent naps between shows.

‘And thank you to whoever made and sent me the little ornament with a pic of Otis – know that I hung him over my dressing room chair where I also felt he was watching out for me,’ Parson said.

Charlie Carver wrote in his selfie: ‘So long and thanks, dressing room no. 9 xo’

During the run of the show, the cast members showed support for the AIDS Memorial by wearing t-shirts. They also went on the AIDS Walk in New York City.

Sad that it’s over? You can watch the trailer for it:

[embedded content]

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