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Lebron James thanks Pose cast for being ‘inspirational women’

Written by gaytourism

Basketball star Lebron James has thanked the women of FX’s Pose for being ‘inspirational.’

What happened?

Last week, James posted a slideshow of notable women of color posing on magazine covers to Instagram.

The slideshow included images of Beyonce (on the cover of Vogue), Issa Rae (on the cover of Ebony), Tracee Ellis Ross (on the cover of Canadian Elle), Zendaya (on the cover of Marie Claire), the cast of Pose (on the cover of OUT Magazine), and more.

‘Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching,’ James wrote.

Fan reactions

The image of actresses MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, and Indya Moore on the cover of OUT didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

‘LeBron really posted the cast of POSE on the cover of OUT magazine amongst the the other black women he posted about being positive examples for his daughter to look up to,’ one fan wrote. ‘He’s such a beautiful human being.’

Reactions from the cast

The news of this post quickly made its way back to the Pose cast themselves. When Variety asked MJ Rodriguez about the post, she couldn’t help but rave.

‘Thank you, LeBron! I saw that today and that speaks volumes. I knew it was possible, I knew there were people out there watching, I knew that there were people receiving because it touches all types of demographics and it bridges the gap between many different communities that don’t understand that are becoming to understanding,’ Rodriguez said.

‘Not only was he representing for trans women, he was representing for African-American women.’

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