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Call for Germany to have a free vote on same-sex marriage this week

Germany could have a free vote on same-sex marriage this week, a politician has said.

Volker Beck, from the liberal Green party, has demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel allow politicians to vote on marriage equality as soon as possible.

During a livestream interview with women’s magazine, Brigitte, the Chancellor told the audience she would be open to this opportunity after a man asked her, ‘when can I call my boyfriend my husband?’

Merkel seems prepared to have the Social Democrats (SPD), the German Liberal Democrats, and the Greens have an ‘in conscience’ vote for or against the marriage.

‘I want to focus the discussion in a direction that is conscious decision-making, rather than wanting to impose anything,’ she said.

This statement marks a significant change on her position about the topic. In 2013, the Chancellor opposed it fearing the ‘good of the children’ if there were same-sex couples.

After her comment, Beck appealed that the vote take place this week.

‘Dear Mrs Merkel, release the vote and let us vote this week. Do not let the population wait any longer and spare us a new election campaign,’ said Beck.

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz also called for an immediate vote demanding marriage for all.

Though she seems to have changed her mind on the decision, Merkel stands firm in her views.

‘I don’t think it is appropriate for marriage – and same-sex couples also live the same values of commitment as in the marriage of man and woman,’ Merkel continued.

‘And because of this, and considering the situation we now have in Germany, we are going to concentrate on this, but do it differently.’

Christian Democratic Party in the way of marriage for all

‘I know many in the CDU, and I’m including myself in this, who very often think about this topic. Who have long been saying they [same-sex couples] are living the same values, but who maybe grew up with the feeling that man and woman, that’s marriage as we know it, and everything else is an equally as valuable partnership.

The Christian Democratic Party(CDU) has a history against same-sex marriage.