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Cara Delevingne refuses to go to Coachella because of anti-LGBT owner

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Delevingne is standing up for her truth | Photo: YouTube/Chelsea

Coachella started on Friday (13 April) and thousands flocked to Indio, California for the music festival.

Beyoncé took to the stage Saturday and fully commanded the festival. She performed solo, as well as bringing out a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion, her sister Solange, and husband Jay-Z.

Here’s the opening number of her set.

[embedded content]

She quickly became bigger than the entire festival itself. The hashtag #Beychella began trending on Twitter.

Several people praised the singer for her performance.

One of those people was actor and model Cara Delevingne.

She posted a picture of the Destiny’s Child reunion along with an enthusiastic caption. She wrote: ‘I am speechless. That performance made me burst into tears and sent shivers down my spine. Especially the Destiny’s child reunion. ICONIC is an understatement. Thank you for inspiring so many and for lifting each other up.’

Speaking her truth

Some people, however, criticized her for slamming the festival and refusing to attend, while still praising Beyoncé.

‘I still refuse to go to a festival that is owned by someone who is anti-LGBT and pro-gun,’ she explained in her Instagram story. ‘I am allowed to shame that man and the festival and show my appreciation of an artist at the same time.’

Philip Anschutz, the owner of Coachella, notoriously donates to conservative and anti-LGBT groups.

Cara Delevingne's Instagram story about Coachella

Delevingne’s Instagram story | Photo: Instagram @caradelevingne

She concluded: ‘Just because I love Beyoncé doesn’t mean I now love Coachella. I still wouldn’t go. And I will let nothing get in the way of me showing my love or hate for something. Don’t let anyone come between you and your truth.’

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