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Karamo Brown says he feels guilty being away from sons to film Queer Eye

Written by gaytourism

One of the Fab Five himself | Photo: YouTube/NowThis News

Queer Eye has quickly become a beloved new Netflix series, but there’s one downside for Karamo Brown, one of the new Fab Five.

On Monday (16 April) morning, he tweeted about being a single dad on the road. It garnered a lot of supportive and heartwarming replies.

‘I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately which is great,’ he began.

‘But as a single dad it’s really hard to leave my sons constantly! Every decision I make is to better their lives but that still doesn’t stop the guilt I feel for being on the road. Any parents out there who get my pain?’

The first season of Queer Eye branched out from the original series and stepped away from New York City. It took place in Georgia instead. The show, which was renewed for a second season, may move to a new location once more.

They’re inspired by you

Many people responded to Brown’s tweet, offering him support, love, and kind words. Both single parents and children of single parents reassured him that guilt was natural, but he’s still a good person.

One user, Sophie, told Brown she believes his sons are ‘just as proud and inspired by you’ as she is by her own single father.

Another, Kat, said that parent guilt is ‘real’.

They also told Brown he’s amazing and ‘setting them a great example of being a hard working parent’.

Others simply expressed their empathy.

Finally, one user, Leanne, gave the best advice: ‘So be kind to yourself. Love matters the most. That’s what they remember.’

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