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Lesbian proposal on a mountaintop is what dreams are made of

Written by gaytourism

The cutest and most majestic proposal | Photo: Twitter @ScorpiiAlpha

Over the weekend, couple Lyd and Meg became engaged on a mountaintop in New York. And it was truly magical.

Meg posted photos from the big day to Twitter. Already her original tweet has received over 65,000 likes and nearly 11,000 re-tweets.

In the tweet, she explained over the last four years they’ve taken photos of their adventures together.

Throughout their weekend hike in Minnewaska State Park, Lyd had Meg stand for photos, looking out at the stunning views. Finally, once they reached the peak, Lyd told Meg to look at the photos and see how they turned out.

That’s when she saw it…

Turns out, there was a very special reason Lyd wanted Meg to stand for photos. That reason? To execute the perfect surprise proposal.

The photos are absolutely perfect. The Polaroids are a great idea and the two look ecstatic together, showing off the engagement ring and kissing happily.

As Meg explains in the next tweet, the ring is made of sterling silver and shaped like flowers and branches. It has a rainbow moonstone set in it.

She also posted photos from the hike itself and it really was beautiful.

Lyd quote re-tweeted Meg’s tweet revealing the news, adding she had a whole speech as well. However, she ended up crying through it.

All the tears and happiness

Several people responded to the tweets, expressing happiness and support.

Others praised them for setting a great example.

Finally, Meg tweeted that since the first reveal, she’s become more ‘cavalier’ in telling people about the engagement.

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