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Celebrity Big Brother: Andrew Brady was saved from eviction and fans were delighted

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Andrew Brady was saved from eviction on Celebrity Big Brother and fans of his blossoming bromance with Courtney Act were delighted.

In the second half of Friday night’s episode, Maggie Oliver became the third contestant evicted from the CBB house. 

The former detective is best known for her work uncovering the notable Rochdale abuse scandal and joined Rachel Johnson and India Willoughby as evicted housemates.

Speaking to Emma Willis after her eviction, Maggie said that she had enjoyed her time on Celebrity Big Brother, though she found her departure premature.

She said: “I would have liked to have stayed until the end. I’m a little bit sad I’m out.

“I’m grateful for Big Brother for putting me in there. I hope i’ve come across as a strong independent woman with a voice.”

“I’ve been myself in there and that’s all I wanted to do,” she continued.

Although Maggie was much loved by many of the other housemates and host Emma Willis, many fans celebrated that her eviction kept housemate Andrew Brady on the show.

Andrew’s relationship with drag star Courtney Act has been the subject of lots of speculation and attention.

The heterosexual Apprentice star has previously begged Big Brother to keep him sober as he couldn’t control himself around Courtney,  and stunned viewers after he kissed Courtney and then admitted to having a crush on her.

Courtney Act later denied any ‘funny business’ between the pair, however many fans were not convinced.

During Friday’s episode, Courtney said that she was preparing for the potentional of Andrew being evicted

She said: “I’m girding my loins for the possibility of Andrew leaving.

“I’d be upset. We’re just mates, he’s handsome and fun and all that, but I think it’s more just the comradery [I’d miss].”

After the evictions fans took to Twitter to celebrate the chance to see more of their bromance, with some fans using the fan name ‘Courtdrew.’

One viewer said that the show “wouldn’t be worth watching” without the pair.

Another praised the hopeful increase in screen time for the pair as more housemates are evicted.

Another called the pair a ‘power couple.’

Celebrity Big Brother was renamed by one viewer, calling it the ‘Andrew and Courtney show.’

Friday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother included a double eviction after last week’s eviction of controversial broadcaster India Willoughby.

Rachel Johnson became the second housemate to leave the show during the first half of Friday’s episode.

In a yet to be seen argument, the journalist criticised Ann Widdecombe for her attitude to the other women in the house, branding her a misogynist.

Due to a twist earlier this week, Maggie was directly put up for nomination by fellow housemate Ann Widdecombe.

When asked about why she was nominated by Ann, Maggie called it a ‘vindictive’ nomination and said that Ann ‘had a problem’ with her during her time on the show.

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