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Channel 4 slammed after trans people were heckled during Genderquake debate

Written by gaytourism

Caitlyn Jenner appeared during the Genderquake debate

Complaints are being made to Ofcom after Channel 4 hosted a Genderquake debate in which trans people were heckled and attacked last night (8 May).

Hosted by C4 News presenter Cathy Newman, Genderquake: The Debate had Caitlyn Jenner, model Munroe Bergdorf and anti-trans academic Germaine Greer as panelists.

Many in the audience identified as TERFS – trans-exclusionary radical feminists – and chose to heckle the trans women on the panel.

Several people have said they will complain to the UK TV watchdog after the programme.

Complaints made to Ofcom after Channel 4’s Genderquake debate

Slamming the show for bringing up the notion that transgender lives are up for debate, others say it was inflammatory rather than something intended to be educational.

The discussion crossed issues like the Gender Recognition Act and public bathrooms.

During one moment Bergdorf asked for an abusive heckler to be removed from the studio.

However, they were not.

‘The genderquake debate has descended into an absolute horror show,’ one said. ‘Channel 4 should’ve known better than to open this up to a live audience.’

Stonewall, the British LGBT campaigning charity, tweeted: ‘The trans community had deep concerns about last night’s #Genderquake debate & we wrote @Channel4 to impress the importance of calling out hate speech if the programme went ahead. These concerns were ignored. We’re now making a complaint to @Ofcom. We encourage you to do so too.’

Trans people complain about the debate

Many trans people and allies have also made their complaints known to Channel 4.

‘This show has been far from civilized discussion,’ one said. ‘This debate should not of even happened. Disgusting behavior and language from anti-trans activists in the audience. Gender Is Not A Debate. Shame on you Channel 4.’

Gay Star News has reached out to Channel 4 for comment.

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