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Ireland’s Eurovision entry features a cute gay couple dancing in the snow

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The dancers on stage last night during Ireland’s semi final Eurovision performance | Photo: BBC Eurovision

Its an element of Ireland’s entry that’s been dividing fans.

But last night in the Eurovision semi-finals, the appearance of two young men holding hands and dancing in the snow – balled the audience over.

The equally cute Ryan O’Shaughnessy is now through to the finals, with his gay dancing couple, which takes place on Saturday night in Lisbon, Portugal.

‘Together’ is sweet, simple song about the end of a relationship.

The accompanying music video is equally sweet. It features a young couple in Dublin’s Temple Bar in the first flushes of romance.

In the build-up, rumors were rife, that the couple would make an appearance on stage too.

And when they did, the social media reaction was alight with joy.

Watch the performance now:

[embedded content]

Is it just a tactic to get the pink vote?

The music video has been facing some controversy though. Because the story follows a gay couple, there was even discussion it may get banned in Russia.

However, a lot of the hype has been around the video not featuring the singer or having much at all to do with the story of the song. Leading some to ask if it’s a cheap tactic to win the ‘pink vote.’

But tactic or not – It worked; it’s cute and we’ve got an eye on Irelands cue gay dancers.

[embedded content]

What else is queer at this years Eurovision?

Besides everything – Israel’s entry has captured the LGBTI communities heart, at least in Europe.

Thousands of Europeans think Israel’s entry in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest should win this year’s competition.

Netta’s song, Toy, has been a hot favorite for a while to win next weekend’s competition. But OUTTv viewers have now overwhelmingly voted it as the song to beat.

Toy has had 18 million YouTube views in the month since it was uploaded to the official Eurovision channel.

More than 4,000 gay viewers of the gay TV channel voted for Israel to win followed by Belgium, France, Australia and the Czech Republic.

OUTTv airs in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, the Scandinavian countries, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada.

It has run the popular Eurovision poll every year for the past nine years. And it’s had a pretty good run of picking the top three songs every year.

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