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Check out the top suit styles for spring/summer 2017

The suits showcased during London Fashion Week Men’s last weekend proved there is a wealth of diversity when it comes to styling a man’s suit.

They ranged from modern tailored to exaggerated silhouettes. Whether you prefer your suit to be on the down low or seen a mile away, check out the fantastic styles that were featured at London Fashion Week below.

Richard James

Richard James’ suits carry a sophistication with a slim classic tailoring. You’ll find nothing bewildering or overly eclectic here. These suits, rich in light pastel colors, are for the ‘man about town’ who enjoys unsurpassed quality with a more fitted look.


The Songzio spring/summer 2017 collection is titled ‘Ocean’ and is inspired by the designer’s own artworks. The colors of the ocean can be seen in the hues of blue and white used throughout the collection.

His modern aesthetic uses structured silhouettes keeping jackets and trousers fitted. Sonzgio’s printed suits straddle the line of androgyny making them fit for any gender.

John Lawrence Sullivan

John Lawrence Sullivan personalizes his suits with military accents to enhance their sense of masculinity. His brand continues to incorporate British tailoring throughout the collection.

Men are able to pair the oversized blazers with loose trousers or relaxed shorts. Whichever you choose, the collection embodies strength and dignity.

John Smedley

John Smedley suits combine a relax free-flowing style with abstract patterns. The fluid style and unique patterns create a vivid landscape of supporting colors that would fit any man during the warmer season.

Underneath the suits, John Smedley showcased their iconic knitwear. The knitwear manufacturing uses the latest technologies to produce luxurious and hand-finished garments that are sold all over the world.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman continues to ensure that men’s suits keep clean lines with a super slim fit. The brand crafts its suits to keep the silhouette close against the body while using neutral tones of navy, gray, and black. Perfect for the man who’s looking for a charming and dapper look.

Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer suits are created using the finest fabrics from artisanal British and Italian mills. The brand’s high quality is matched by its premium tailoring that produces suits with a relaxed modern style. If you’re looking for quality without the super fitted cut then Oliver Spencer is right up your alley.


KTZ’s suits boast a cutting-edge design and are infused with a raw energy and contemporary urban feel.  The suits contain ethnographic references in their detailing.

KTZ’s suits follow the brand’s dynamic combination of contrasting elements: modernity and the ancestral, the secular and the religious, anarchy and severity, spectacle and depth.


Born out of Seoul, D.GNAK is a brand known for its tailored clothing with twisted details. The suits themselves exude an aura of mystique.

D.GNAK blends the mainstream with a more radical style that results in a suit with an avant-garde silhouette. The inventiveness of the brand is perfect for any man looking for something eclectic or wanting to experiment with fashion.