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Chris Pine addresses public’s interest in his penis: ‘It’s pretty cool’

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Chris Pine in the trailer for Outlaw King | Photo: Netflix

Hollywood actor Chris Pine has addressed public conversation around his manhood ahead of his first full frontal scene in upcoming movie Outlaw King.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Canada he said: ‘It’s pretty cool. […] I’ll take it.’

Meanwhile, speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, he added: ‘What I find very funny is there’s so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis.

‘I think it says something about our society where people get disemboweled – but it’s the man’s junk that is of interest. And I know that sounds funny, but really, we are just base animals. And I thought it was very important to see this man who was going to have power be an animal.’

The Star Trek actor’s new movie will be released on the streaming service on 9 November. It tells the story of King of Scots, Robert the Bruce.

‘It was very cold’

Speaking about the shoot, he also said: ‘Well it was very cold, I remember. And it was on the side of a major highway. So it’s not exactly the elements I would choose myself.’

He furthermore added: ‘I’d choose some sort of hot tub in Bali, and less men probably

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