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Comedian Colin Mochrie claps back at transphobic trolls on daughter’s birthday

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Colin with his wife and daughter | Photo: Colin Mochrie, Facebook

Colin Mochrie defended his daughter from transphobic trolls on her own birthday.

The Whose Line Is It Anyway comedian shared an adorable photo of his family to celebrate his daughter, Kinley’s, 28th birthday.

Taking to Facebook, the 60-year-old comedian wrote: ‘Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! 28 years old and everything we’ve ever hoped for in a child.’

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! 28 years old and everything we’ve ever hoped for in a child.

Posted by Colin Mochrie on Monday, September 3, 2018

But no sweet message on the internet can go unpunished. Among the well-wishers, trolls commented on the post.

One wrote: ‘Son*’

Another added: ‘It makes sense. He was always batshit crazy. Doesn’t surprise me that gender dysphoria runs in the family.’

However, Colin didn’t let the comments live. He took to his Facebook to clap back at the trolls in the best way possible.

‘Thanks to the fans of this page for being supportive and human. To the trolls, my thoughts and prayers to your body for losing its mind and soul so tragically,’ the star wrote on Facebook.

Sharing their stories

Colin Mochrie’s daughter came out as transgender in 2016. Luckily, the Canadian jokester has been supportive of his daughter throughout.

The majority of the responses to the post were supportive. Some even took the opportunity to share their stories.

One person wrote: ‘Tomorrow is my transgendered[sic.] daughters birthday. Thank you, Colin. Your love for your child inspires me every day! Happy Birthday dearest!’

Another added: ‘I’m a trans woman, and today is the first day my mom called me her daughter. Thank you for being supportive of your daughter! Supportive parents make all of the difference.’

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