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Coronavirus: Travel and tourism is winning

Written by gaytourism

Take a deep breath visitor! After days of depressing tourism, good time tourism is again on the immediate horizon. Travelers again can have a good time and explore the world.

Japan is in for some excellent news on Coronavirus or COVID 19
In addition, encouraging news is also reported for almost every corner of the world, except for Mainland China.

Strict and smart restrictions on Travel and Tourism are working and winning over the spread of this deadly virus. It appears the human right for travel is once again a reality, and tourism leaders can slowly take a deep breath.

Taking off 454 virus cases isolated onboard the Diamond Princess Cruise ship of the Japanese coast the number of sick in Japan is a lot lower than reported over some time. The new inventory brings the total number of infected Japanese to only 66, compared to 77 in Singapore, 60 in Hongkong or 35 in Thailand and 31 in South Korea.

Currently, 19 people in Japan are in serious condition and one death was reported from Japan.

Such numbers make travel from and to Japan safe. It’s not only good for Japan, but also for the Japanese Travel and Tourism industry, and for Hawaii. Japanese visitors to the islands are the most important foreign currency earner for the State.

Encouraging is also a slowdown in numbers from China, even though today 1890 new people were infected and 98 died.

Keeping the virus isolated seems to be successful. Outside China only one isolated new case was reported, this time from South Korea.

Looking at the overall development, this is excellent news for world tourism almost anywhere except for China, but including Hong Kong and Macao.

Macao had a reason to celebrate today: Casinos reopened!

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