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Costa Coffee social media account calls rainbow cup ‘pure marketing’

Written by gaytourism

Costa Coffee has launched a rainbow cup for Pride season

Costa Coffee, like many global companies, are using Pride month as a way to spread an equality message.

LGBTI people have vocally praised and critiqued this effort done by corporations.

Some claim it is an important step for LGBTI progress, saying that it’s positive for visibility and celebrations during Pride month.

Others say it’s a shallow marketing ploy intended to cash in on a large market one month out of the year. This can be especially the case when many of these companies refuse to give money to LGBTI causes, charities or advertise with LGBTI companies.

And now, Costa Coffee may have confirmed some of LGBTI people’s worst fears.

Gay man called ‘incompetent’ by Costa Coffee Instagram account

Simon Jones from New Jersey said on Twitter: ‘Just been called ‘incompetent’ on Instagram by a local @CostaCoffee account because I defended #gaypride.

‘The same store then said that their new rainbow cup was just marketing and not about supporting gay rights.’

On the Instagram post, one homophobe Jack Knightley said ‘go away’ to the rainbow cups.

‘We don’t care if you are gay,’ they said.

Jones said as there is so much homophobia in the world, it’s important to ‘represent and show support’.

‘There isn’t homophobia in the West,’ Knightly incorrectly said. ‘There’s as much point of straight pride than gay pride it’s that pointless’.

Jones responded: ‘Then why did I have to leave my last job after being bullied because I’m gay?’

Knightley then said: ‘A parade isn’t going to stop people from bullying gays.’

‘It’s just pure marketing’

Costa’s French account, ‘Team Costa GDL, told Knightley: ‘Thanks God finally somebody who when [sic] to school!!

‘I totally agree with you, this is not event about supporting anything, it’s just pure marketing…

‘And in this world either you are #pride or #homophe [sic].. And we are the narrow minded one?’

The Costa account told Jones, bullied out of his job, he was fired ‘simply because your [sic] are incompetent… Not because your [sic] gay’.

Costa Coffee is investigating the incident

Speaking to Gay Star News, a Costa Coffee spokesperson said they were investigating the incident.

They told us: ‘We were very disappointed to learn about this incident and have launched an immediate investigation with our franchise partner in France.

‘These views do not reflect those of Costa Coffee.

‘We are delighted to be celebrate Pride and our LGBTQ+ colleagues this year with our rainbow cups, which reflect our strong values of equality and diversity.’

They also noted they have an internal LGBTI network with over 1,000 members. And also, they have previously launched limited edition Rainbow Lattes.

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