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Family steps up to support 9-year-old boy who was bullied for wearing lipstick

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Diksha and her cousin rocking the lipstick | Photo: Twitter @BijlaniDiksha

Twitter user @BijlaniDiksha recently share a story about her 9-year-old cousin. He was bullied and called names for wearing lipstick — so his family decided to do something about it.

Diksha said he is the most ‘effeminate’ in the house and ‘loves to paint nails, wear lipcolour, learn home science’.

He wore some lipstick and was called ‘chakka’, a derogatory term for trans people.

Diksha further wrote that because Little Cuz lives in a ‘stereotypical alpha male-centric household, he’s often the pivot of jokes’.

He hid away to hide the lipstick from both any cameras and his mom.

‘Somehow it is always the moms that feel most “embarassed” with their masculine, hardy sons trying makeup. Or anything feminine,’ she added.

So what did the family do?

In order to help encourage Little Cuz and make him feel less alone, Diksha and her siblings all donned lipstick.

She wrote about the decision: ‘In such a house it takes constant work as elder cousins to undo the conditioned gender binary,normalise gender neutral acts which are deemed feminine. So we all wore lip color to make him comfortable & accepted. He felt a specially empowered when he saw my brother wearing it.’

Then Little Cuz joined them in his own fabulous lipstick.

She finished her story with some important thoughts on gender and acceptance.

And don’t worry, she translated the Hindi.

How did the internet react?

Most people embraced the story and Little Cuz, calling him courageous and hoping stories like this change attitudes.

Others shared their own ways of supporting Little Cuz.

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