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Crossing Borders: 2017 Belgian PrideFestival focuses on migration and asylum

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As part of Belgian Pride 2017, the Belgian PrideFestival, which will run from 3 – 21 May, will broach the theme of migration and asylum this year. An array of activities, parties, workshops, guided tours, and events centred on this topic will fill these two weeks.

Various PRIDEFESTIVAL events will set the pace this May as in years past. It is a highlight of LGBTQI+ community life in Brussels. This is because Belgian Pride is not merely a festive event, but it is also the ideal moment for the community to raise awareness and spur a reexamination of policy matters.

The topic selected for this year is CROSSING BORDERS. The opportunity for the three overarching Belgian LGBTQI+ associations – RainbowHouse Brussels, Are-en-ciel Wallonie, and Çavaria – to take on the topic of asylum and migration by focusing on the journeys of LGBTQI+ migrants.

In response to this strong political message, a number of important events will put asylum, migration, and the cultures of these diasporas in the spotlight. Other current topics will also be broached such as modern forms of feminism, youth civic engagement, inclusiveness in employment, intersex people, family diversity, etc.

On Saturday, 20 May, the not-to-be-missed Belgian Pride, the grand finale of the two-week festival, will thrill downtown Brussels.

On the Pride Festival schedule:


BORDERLINES Many Colours of Turbulence” by Laura Jay Nethercott “Borders and Limits” by Arnaud Pitz
03/05 > 31/05
Opening exhibition: 03/05 – 6 PM
Place: The Art Project Gallery (183, Rue Haute)

Régis Samba-Kounzi
12/05 > 13/05
Place: Bronks (15-17 Rue du Marché aux Porcs)
Opening exhibition: 12/05 at 6:30 PM
15/05 > 17/05
Place: BOZAR


LGBTQI+ films and documentaries from Africa and its diasporas
11 – 13 May
Place: Bronks

“Gabrielle, the Looking Glass and Beyond”
Moderator: Malika Attar
17/05 | 8:30 PM
Place: Jacques Franck Cultural Centre


Fierce attitude & dance with Soa De Muse
17/05 | 6 – 8 PM
Place: Jacques Franck Cultural Centre

Drag Kings Studio with Louis(e) de Ville
16/05 | 6 – 10 PM
Place: Jacques Franck Cultural Centre


Asylum and migration: Interactions for building intersectionality
2 PM: Living Library
4:30 PM: “Understanding the Journey”
Place: De Markten

Witches Revue #25 : Showing of “The Monster”
09/05 – 12:40 PM
Place: The Royal Museums of Fine Arts

IDAHOT FORUM Symposia as part of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 17/05

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