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Demi Lovato on surprise kiss with Kehlani: ‘It was perfect’

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Kehlani and Demi Lovato. | Photos: Do512 and Ralph Arvesen / Flickr

Demi Lovato revealed all about the kiss she shared with Kehlani on stage Monday (2 April) night.

The Sorry Not Sorry singer told BBC1 radio host Nick Grimshaw she had no idea it was coming.

She said: ‘She [Kehlani] came up behind me and I had no idea. She told me she was going to be watching the show so I was looking for her and I didn’t see her out there. So I was like “I guess she decided to go.” Then all of a sudden, I feel hands on my shoulders for the song called Lonely and I look up and it’s her.

‘And I don’t know, we just kissed each other. It wasn’t planned – she totally surprised me,’ she said.

Lovato added: ‘It was perfect. It was awesome.’

When Grimshaw recounted the time Madonna came up behind Drake and kissed him as a surprise, Lovato replied: ‘Yeah, but it looked like he didn’t like it.’

She then added about her own experience: ‘I liked it.’

Watch a video of the kiss here:

Kehlani asserts she’s a top

Video of the bisexual music artists and their steamy kiss immediately went viral on social media. But then people started making hilarious memes about Kehlani being the bottom.

She took to social media to give the low down about the situation in a 20 minute Instagram video: ‘These memes though!’

Her gay male friend chimes in: ‘I think it’s because you were laying on the bottom – that’s what that is.’

And Kehlani replies: ‘Yeah, I was laying on the bottom but if you couldn’t tell how I hopped on the bed and the straddle was very top.’

Her friend responds again: ‘100% top.’

Watch the explanation:

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