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Indian lesbian accused of murdering her mother for objecting to relationship

Written by gaytourism

An Indian lesbian allegedly murdered her mother after she objected to her relationship with a woman.

Rashimi Rana, 21, is in custody following her arrest in Uttar Pradesh, India.

She is accused of murdering her mother Pushpa with a metal pole at their home in Ghaziabad.

Nisha Gautama, Rana’s teacher, is also accused of beating Pushpa to death alongside Rana.

Indian woman says she was ‘constantly tortured’ for her lesbian relationship

The New India Express told how the couple, who had been living together, were arrested as they tried to flee by train.

Rana allegedly told authorities that she was ‘constantly tortured for her lesbian relationship.

‘Fed up with the objections, Rana and her teacher killed Pushpa Devi by battering her with an iron rod who died due to serious head injuries,’ said Police Superintendent Akash Tomar.

How the anti-gay section 377 law works

Gay sex is illegal in India, under section 377 of the Indian penal code.

Delhi High Court judges struck down the law in 2009 but the Supreme Court reinstated it in 2013.

However, under section 377, few people are arrested or imprisoned.

A bill aimed at overturning Section 377 was introduced in parliament in 2017, but is still pending.

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